In pursuit of fresh and creative glimpses of streets

Street Photographers are often refered to as observers, and have often been artists, or even writers. For this is a genre where they excel in their focus on human behaviours and environments. Timing is of the essence, and Framing is the key of this craft. The goal has always been to create images at a decisive or poignant moment. However, street photography does not need to exclusively feature people within the frame. It can also focus on traces left by humanity that say something about life. There may be no people in the frame, but their presence is suggested by the subject matter.

The CSCP Street Photography Contest is open to photographers at all levels of experience and all interpretations of street photography. From candid portrayals of humans, to conceptual photographs of the environment, we want to see your work!

The Top 3 photos from each section will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. And a special invitation to meet the Masters at the CSCP Annual Exhibition, featuring Avani Rai.

The awards will be presented by the Chief Guests of the CSCP 2020 Annual Day, on the 15th of March, 2020.

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DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 28th February, 2020


We are honoured to have as judges, two of the greatest contemporary street photographers in the world.

J U L I A   C O D D I N G T O N

Judge: Colour Section

R O H I T   V O H R A

Judge: Black & White Section


Please read the instructions carefully before sending your entries.

How to Participate

  • There are two sections; Colour and Black & White
  • Number of images that can be submitted, is unlimited.
  • Editing of the photographs is permitted.
  • Photos taken by Mobiles are admissible.

  • Make the payment as directed under the section 'Entry Fees'.
  • Send your Photos to
  • In your email, mention the 1) Payment details, 2) Name, 3) Phone Number, 4) Complete Address.

  • Entries received after deadline (28th Feb, 2020) will not be considered.


    • File Name should be the Title of your photo.
    • Only English alphabet and numerals are allowed. No special characters are permitted.
    • EXIF data MUST by present.
    • No watermarks should be present in the photos.


    • Maximum Width - 2000 px
    • Maximum Height - 2000 px
    • Maximum size: 5 MB
    • File type: JPG/JPEG

Entry fees

Entries will not be judged unless entry fee is paid within the closing date. Unpaid entries shall be removed from the system, and will not be recalled after the closing of the contest.

For Indian participants

Rs. 200 for the first photo,
Rs. 100 for every subsquent photo
  • Entry fee to be paid via bank transfer only.
    No cash deposit accepted.

  • Bank Details:
  • Bank name: HDFC Bank
  • Account name: Sounak Banerjee
  • Branch name: Salt Lake, Sector 5, Kolkata
  • Account No: 07181610019536
  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000718
  • Account Type: Savings

  • Send an email with your payment details, photos, name, phone number and address, to

For foreign participants

$10 for the first photo,
$5 for every subsquent photo
  • Entry fee to be paid via PayPal to

  • Before emailing the photos,
    make the payment from here, or from the PayPal website.
Contestant Name

  • Send an email with your payment details, photos, name, phone number and address, to

Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography

CSCP was founded by the internationally acclaimed photography artist, Sounak Banerjee.

Sounak Banerjee

Founder & Director, CSCP

Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography is a photography school founded by the renowned contemporary photographer, Sounak Banerjee. It boasts a distinguished panel of guest mentors such as Magnum Photographer, Padma Shri Raghu Rai, Portrait Photographer, Mario Marino, Fashion Photographer, Rafique Sayed, Contemporary Street Photographer, Julia Coddington, to name a few, and a committed and high-achieving student body.

While photography has taken a lead interest of many enthusiasts today, a lack in professional training and guidance restricts a wholesome development of their talents and they are confined to showcasing their creativity to a very limited circle. This void was the reason behind the birth of CSCP. It was founded in March 2017, with an objective of realizing the potentials, by a professional and object oriented training, and to provide knowhow into gaining international exposure.

Constant development of ideas, evolution of the creative eye, these are the mission principles of CSCP.

One of the primary goals of CSCP has been to bring out photographers from the common mind-sets of pictorial photography, and evolve more meaningfully though contemporary photography. It stresses on creativity and fresh approaches to photography, rather than programming minds with existing and old styles.

Knowledge, hard work and discipline have been the guiding tools of this institute. Regular intra institute photography contests, various projects, photo-walks are ongoing processes at CSCP, to keep its students constantly on their toes. The institute also serves as a home base where students meet up regularly for discussions, and analysis of photographs. From time to time, many distinguished photographers visit CSCP as guest speakers, constantly enriching the students with their ideas and a variety of view-points.

The campus of the institute is equipped with a library of the greatest photography books from around the world, completely at the disposal of its students. It serves more than just being an academy or school. It relates more closely to a Gurukul, where bonding between the students are harnessed like a family of brothers and sisters, and the mentors, looked upon and revered more as Gurus. To the extent, that students treat the campus as their home, and are even engaged in the maintenance of the place. This is probably the only institute where the grooming of the self in individuals, development of culture, and lessons of humility, are given equal importance as the teaching of technical lessons.

In the last three years, CSCP has trained more than 300 photographers, and its primary focus has been on the core development of its students and providing them with the required exposures. It has produced many award winning artists in record time, and is critically acclaimed for its quality of work. CSCP is much renowned for excellence of teaching methodologies and accomplishments.

For more information about CSCP, and to enroll, please visit us at

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